Why Buy Kidstruction?

  • Playground equipment designed by NPSI-certified playground safety professionals.
  • We have been designing and building playground equipment and play structures for over 25 years. We have over 75 years of combined experience from our designers, craftsmen and installers that will ensure that your project will be a success. And, we will be there when you need us!
  • We provide a one-stop, turnkey solution to your commercial playground equipment needs; design, fabrication, installation, and service after the sale. From play structures to swing sets, water slides, borders, ground cover, installation, design and layout suggestions, all you need is Kidstruction™.
  • We design to fit your budget, not the other way around.
  • Pricing on our playground equipment and all products are extremely competitive.
  • We provide personalized and professional service with a courteous and knowledgeable sales staff.
  • If you don't see what you want, we'll custom design and fabricate it for you.
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We will help you identify the variables that are unique to your organization and give you guidance to make the best choices possible. Kidstruction™ will help you secure the most equipment and best features for your money, while creating an outdoor playset wonderland that will foster physical, mental, and social skills in a secure environment.

Kidstruction™ Playground Equipment

Search our outdoor playground equipment by either age group or price. If you need equipment for a preschool, for example, there is no sense in looking at playground structures designed for 12-year-olds. By the same token, our equipment for 6 to 23-month-olds would be out of place at a local park or on an elementary school playground. We also know that you most likely have a set budget for your needs, so we want you to have a realistic idea of what you can accomplish in terms of price.
Kidstruction™ commercial playground equipment includes swings, slides, bridges, climbers, play panels, and rooftops—elements that make playtime engaging, stimulating and even inspiring for pint-sized minds with immense imaginations. As your little pirates and princesses bring Kidstruction™ structures to life, rest assured that all components are made from the safest and most durable materials available.

Kidstruction™ Accessories and Added Features

In addition to outdoor playsets, Kidstruction™ offers additional accessories such as free-standing play stations, sun shades, and safety surfacing to complete your playground package. If you need features such as park benches, waste receptacles, or even barbecue grills, Kidstruction™ can bring your vision, in its entirety, to fruition.
Contact Kidstruction™ to begin mapping out your vision for kids playground equipment. We offer both the equipment and the technical expertise to help that vision take shape.
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